Why Order From Us?

4 Reasons To Order Prints From a Professional

Many times clients ask why purchasing prints through their professional photographer is a much better choice than a do-it-yourself option that may cost less. These days there are many, many low-cost options for non-professionals to have their digital portraits printed in a variety of manners; but before making a decision on how you're going to print your portraits we hope you will consider these thoughts!

The Perfect Crop

Many times we go to order prints without giving thought to the cropping of the image. Most of the time, standard print sizes are a different aspect ratio, or width-to-height ratio, than the actual photograph coming out of the camera that you see on your screen. This means that parts of the portraits' top, bottom, and sides will be clipped off in the final print product. There is a great art to cropping a portrait for print, especially to retain the intended composition! When you order a portrait from us, you may rest assured it will be cropped with great care in preserving the artistic value. 

Production Quality

There are many consumer-grade printers out there eager for your portrait, canvas, or press book order - it's true! However, at Erika Hopkins Photography we order from a printing lab which specializes in crafting products specifically for professional photographers; a tough crowd to please! The attention to color, craftsmanship, archival quality, and guarantee behind the product is unparalleled. Although it may be more expensive to purchase initially, it will last for decades and present each portrait at its very best.


Believe it or not, when editing your portraits we spend an incredible amount of time working to get the perfect color we had in mind for each portrait. It's a painstaking process, but worth every moment! Additionally, we've spent considerable resource developing a strong relationship with our print lab of choice to understand the in's and out's of their materials, printing process, and how the colors we see on the computer screen translate to colors in their physical prints. Portraits ordered from our studio are tweaked and calibrated to preserve their color from screen to print - something you won't experience with consumer-grade printers!

An Artist's Promise

As artists, we take each step in the process of delivering you a beautiful printed portrait with great care. From snapping the shutter to cropping, coloring, recommending a specific material choice for a specific portrait, and double-checking your prints before handing them to you, every step is taken with the immense love and care of an artist. Erika Hopkins Photography stands behind our finished prints and will not allow a sub-par to be delivered in your hand. We promise you a stellar final product. Period.