Orlando's Candyland: A Tasty Game of Sweet Spots | Orlando Family Magazine

"First published in 1949 by Milton Bradley, Candy Land continues to be among the classic board games played in American households with preschool-age children. The game’s bright colored winding path takes players on a magical journey through sugary sites, like Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain, to find King Kandy, the lost king ofCandy Land. Well, it turns out that King Kandy has sweet relatives all over Orlando! Local confectionary geniuses have turned Central Florida into a real-life Candy Land filled with yummy treats just like the cherished game, including chocolate, cupcakes, lollipops, and more! No need to use the gingerbread pawn players…instead, your family can roll the dice (aka hop in the car) and bite into Orlando’s many sweet treasures..."

Complete article can be seen in the October edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.


Where Homeschooling Meets Traditional School | Orlando Family Magazine

"Parents now have many educational choices for their children’s schooling: private, public, charter, Montessori, homeschool, virtual school, and more. Sectioning which option is best for your child can be overwhelming. Homeschooling continues to grow in popularity, but many parents simply don’t know how to teach their child at home. Some parents say they enjoy all the benefits of homeschooling with less frustration thanks to virtual school.

Virtual school is basically like public school at home. Your child learns everything he/she needs to know in the household setting and at his/her own pace, while hitting important benchmarks set by the school district. “In addition to providing the ability for increased individual attention, this interaction can also increase a student’s tech savvy, something vital in today’s modern workforce,” says Patty Betoni, Florida Virtual Academy Head of School..."

Complete article can be seen in the August edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.


Moms on a Mission! | Orlando Family Magazine

"Happy Mother’s Day! In a way, all mothers leave a legacy through their children, but some moms create a lasting legacy in honor of their children. In this issue, Orlando Family Magazine celebrates four moms on a mission ─ each championing causes to make a difference within the Central Florida community and beyond..."

Complete article can be seen in the May edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.


Unearthing Nature's Playground | Orlando Family Magazine

"With the school year soon coming to an end, it’s time to spruce up learning opportunities right in your own backyard. Transform an ordinary outdoor space into a captivating, natural wonderland and you’ll harness the curiosity and imagination of your children in a whole new way. With a little ingenuity, you can create a multi-sensory landscape that provides your children with an enriching, fresh-air retreat to enjoy throughout the summer and all year long.

Jocelyn Chilvers, a 30-year veteran in landscape design, as well as an artist, teacher, and author of the blog “The Art Garden,” suggests that homeowners integrate three fun and educational areas into landscape schemes. These zones ─ active play, interactive play, and seasonal observation areas ─ should evolve along with your child’s changing interests.

Active Play Area | Interactive Learning Area | Seasonal Observational Learning Area | Multi-Sensory Garden Experience..."

Complete article can be seen in the April edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.



Experience Nature's Luxurious Side | Orlando Family Magazine

"You’ve put your closed-toe shoes and long-sleeve shirts away, signaling the end of Florida’s winter. Perhaps you would love to spend some time outdoors with your family, but roughing it isn’t exactly your style… Well, have no fear, because the Central Florida area offers some amazing family-friendly getaways that do not require the purchase of a snakebite kit, hiking boots, or grungy sleeping bags.

If you are looking for a serene location with all the creature comforts of home, then Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is the place for you! Nestled within 700 acres of natural beauty, 408 cabins and 800 campsites are available to house adventurists. Depending on your preference of wilderness lodging, a range of options are available including tents, pop-ups, full hook-up RVs, or cozy cabins. One might think you would lose the back-to-nature feeling or perhaps feel crowded, but during a recent stay, my family found the exact opposite to be true. The down-home atmosphere of this resort is unlike any other to be found on Disney property..."

Complete article can be seen in the March edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.


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