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Balancing Hanukkah and Christmas Celebrations | Orlando Family Magazine

"Many interfaith families choose to observe both Hanukkah and Christmas. In fact, holiday joy can be doubled when you choose to light the menorah and decorate the Christmas tree to honor the cultural and religious traditions of both parents. So, don’t stress over the “December Dilemma!” When it comes to religion, families increasingly run the Judeo-Christian gamut. In our family, we have Orthodox Jews on one side of our family tree and Born-again Christians on the other. However, my husband and I both share the same beliefs about diversity, tolerance, and spirituality; and that’s what we intend to pass on to our daughter, in part by participating in both signature holidays.

As a woman who was raised Catholic and has been happily married to a Jewish man for the past thirteen years, I can attest that, once you become the parent in an interfaith family, you quickly become accustomed to not being able to please everyone. But since the wisdom of your hearts brought you and your partner together in the first place, why not call on that same source of wisdom to guide you through creating your own version of happy holidays? Here are a few tips based on what our family has learned over the years..."

Complete article can be seen in the December edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.