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Where Homeschooling Meets Traditional School | Orlando Family Magazine

"Parents now have many educational choices for their children’s schooling: private, public, charter, Montessori, homeschool, virtual school, and more. Sectioning which option is best for your child can be overwhelming. Homeschooling continues to grow in popularity, but many parents simply don’t know how to teach their child at home. Some parents say they enjoy all the benefits of homeschooling with less frustration thanks to virtual school.

Virtual school is basically like public school at home. Your child learns everything he/she needs to know in the household setting and at his/her own pace, while hitting important benchmarks set by the school district. “In addition to providing the ability for increased individual attention, this interaction can also increase a student’s tech savvy, something vital in today’s modern workforce,” says Patty Betoni, Florida Virtual Academy Head of School..."

Complete article can be seen in the August edition of Orlando Family Magazine or visit their website.