In-Studio Ordering Guide

We prefer to offer clients a truly personal ordering experience - a practice seldom seen in modern businesses

Erika Hopkins Photography is extremely excited to provide you with a truly luxury portrait experience. We will carefully guide you through every step of the process - from planning the portrait session all the way to gracing your walls with the most meaningful, brilliantly beautiful artwork you’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to share our passion with you for creating custom works of art telling your family story!

This section focuses on planning for your in-studio ordering session - a delightful time spent planning interior decor. A few weeks after your portrait session, we will invite you to the studio, carefully helping you to select your very favorite portraits you can’t live without!

We will also provide a detailed discuss of your home and help you imagine different portraits in different locations on your walls and atop surfaces. We’ll keep notes on what you love so you can relax and enjoy the experience, offer decoration advice, and guide you through this process step-by-step. Oh, it will be so fun!

Opportunity to Order Portraits

In-person sessions are the ideal opportunity for you to review proofs and place our portrait product orders. We require that clients place their orders with us at the end of the ordering session, as we only post online galleries of portraits ordered, just in case relatives would like to order additional portraits. We can’t express just how much we love seeing your reactions to viewing your portraits for the first time! 

Presenting your gallery proofs to you in-person allows us to help you make informed decisions about the portraits you can’t live without and the ones that you’d rather not have hanging in the house! Our clients have repeatedly said how helpful in-person sessions can be, making decisions that would be impossible to do without the guidance of a professional visual artist. 

How long does an ordering appointment last?

There is no time limit for the in-person ordering session. We will match any pace that’s most comfortable for you and your family. We’re happy to work with your schedule to make our time together convenient and relaxing. Ordering sessions generally take between 2 and 4 hours, but have known to be shorter if clients know exactly what they want going in. If we can provide anything to make our time together more enjoyable - a bottle of wine, lemonade, cookies - please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to do so!

At the end of the viewing and ordering session, we’ll review notes together and make decisions on what portraits to order and choose gift prints for family members. 

Take Note

Since your ordering appointment will be taking place in our studio, take a few minutes to walk around your home and consider where you would like to have updated portraits. {From House to Home} is a great resource to inspire your inner decorator. Don't forget to print & complete {In Home Ideas} to make your ordering appointment a breeze!

Prepare with your Gift List

Having a “gift list” set out ahead of time for family members will make the ordering session a breeze! Please print the {gift list}; to jot down the family members and anyone else you’d like to gift a portrait or product to. 

If you are not sure about a certain person or have questions about gifting etiquette, write down you thoughts and we’ll help you make decisions during the session.

Be Prepared

Payment for your order may be made anytime during the in-person ordering session. Please be prepared with either a Visa, MC or AMEX card or personal check made out to Erika Hopkins Photography. It’s a good idea to have a payment method set out ahead of time so we can focus on your beautiful portraits during the ordering session!

Contact Us

We are always thrilled to hear from you! Whether you have a question, need to reschedule an appointment, need advice, or just want to chat - we’re right here. Please feel free to get in touch with us via any of the methods below. 

855-EHP-1010     |     |     Get in Touch

Why Order From Us?

4 Reasons To Order Prints From a Professional

Many times clients ask why purchasing prints through their professional photographer is a much better choice than a do-it-yourself option that may cost less. These days there are many, many low-cost options for non-professionals to have their digital portraits printed in a variety of manners; but before making a decision on how you're going to print your portraits we hope you will consider these thoughts!

The Perfect Crop

Many times we go to order prints without giving thought to the cropping of the image. Most of the time, standard print sizes are a different aspect ratio, or width-to-height ratio, than the actual photograph coming out of the camera that you see on your screen. This means that parts of the portraits' top, bottom, and sides will be clipped off in the final print product. There is a great art to cropping a portrait for print, especially to retain the intended composition! When you order a portrait from us, you may rest assured it will be cropped with great care in preserving the artistic value. 

Production Quality

There are many consumer-grade printers out there eager for your portrait, canvas, or press book order - it's true! However, at Erika Hopkins Photography we order from a printing lab which specializes in crafting products specifically for professional photographers; a tough crowd to please! The attention to color, craftsmanship, archival quality, and guarantee behind the product is unparalleled. Although it may be more expensive to purchase initially, it will last for decades and present each portrait at its very best.


Believe it or not, when editing your portraits we spend an incredible amount of time working to get the perfect color we had in mind for each portrait. It's a painstaking process, but worth every moment! Additionally, we've spent considerable resource developing a strong relationship with our print lab of choice to understand the in's and out's of their materials, printing process, and how the colors we see on the computer screen translate to colors in their physical prints. Portraits ordered from our studio are tweaked and calibrated to preserve their color from screen to print - something you won't experience with consumer-grade printers!

An Artist's Promise

As artists, we take each step in the process of delivering you a beautiful printed portrait with great care. From snapping the shutter to cropping, coloring, recommending a specific material choice for a specific portrait, and double-checking your prints before handing them to you, every step is taken with the immense love and care of an artist. Erika Hopkins Photography stands behind our finished prints and will not allow a sub-par to be delivered in your hand. We promise you a stellar final product. Period.

Investment Details

A la Carte Portraits

wall display 3.jpg

Photographs printed on Kodak Professional, supra Endura VC Digital Paper. Archival Value of 100 years in home display. 

5x7 $35     8x10 $45     8x8 $55

{*Wall Portraits}

10x10 $75

11x14 $80

10x20 $95

16x20 $135

20x20 $150

20x24 $185

20x30 $210

24x24 $260

24x30 $260

*Mounted on Styrene Board for extra durability 

Fine Art Canvas

Canvas foamboard 1.jpg

A great option if you plan on framing your canvas. Beautiful canvas texture with no need to frame with glass.

8x10 $150

11x14 $190

16x20 $285

20x24 $350

24x30 $450

30x40 $550

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Ready to hang art work!  An easy way to dress up your walls.

8x10 $200

11x14 $250

16x20 $325

20x24 $400

24x30 $600

30x40 $750


Press Printed Cards

Perfect for whatever you want to celebrate or announce! These press printed cards are high quality, thick and designed to perfection. Each pack includes 25 cards and envelopes. 

Flat 5x7 $50

Folded 5x7 $90

Storyboard Collage

Create a small piece of art with a storyboard! You can frame the print, put in on an easel on a shelf, or even just lean it on a shelf. 

10x20 $185

15x30 $365

Portrait Box

You will have a small easel to change out & display your favorite portraits each month, each day, etc. This high quality portrait box will blow you away!

{Matted} 5x7 with 20 Portraits $450

{Matted} 5x7 with 50 Portraits $585

{Loose} 5x7 Box with 200 Portraits $645

{Loose} 5x7 Box with 400 Portraits $835


Signature Albums

Our highest quality albums featuring Kodak photographic paper mounted on an archival board. We ensure your style is represented in every detail, by offering a wide selection of cover choices, photographic paper types, and finishing services. A true flushmount, prints extend across the entire page.

8x8 $865

10x10 $965

9x12 {please inquire}

12x12 $1045

Layflat Albums

Created with Kodak photographic paper, LayFlat Albums give you the same high quality portrait product as our premium albums, but at a budget friendly price. Prints are mounted back to back, offering a lightweight feel to the pages within.

5x5 $445

8x8 $565

10x10 {please inquire}

Mini Accordion Albums

Great things come in groups of 3! Get a set of 3 mini albums great as gift to grandparents.

Set of 3 $145

Additional $35/per album

*minimum order required to purchase 

Portrait Packages

Package details, provided during your ordering appointment.


Digital Add-On Packages

Digital portraits packages include a USB Drive & print permission document for personal use. All portraits will be provided in Color, Black and White & EHP Signature; fully edited and retouched.

{10} $245

{15} $285

{30} $385

{45} $495


photos provided by: SP Designs & Respective Product Vendors

From House to Home

A Contemporary Interior Styling Guide

When you look at your photographs in an online gallery, it can be difficult to imagine those portraits beautifully printed in a large format hanging on your wall or framed on a shelf! This guide serves as a starting point for inspiration and ideas on how to transform your house into a home with stunning archival portrait products preserving wonderful memories for years to come.

Included in these wall displays are various contemporary arrangements and heirloom products complete with location recommendations, print sizing, and pricing information. If there is something you had in mind that is not pictured here, please let us know and we will be more than happy to work with you one-on-one to create your dream home environment!

Happy dreaming from Erika Hopkins Photography!

{Click wall displays for a larger preview}

Custom Framing

provided by the Organic Bloom

Organic Bloom Frames are available in a variety of frame styles and colors. They are PERFECT for displaying your special family portraits in your living area or showcasing your new little love; in your nursery.  The possibilities are endless!

Curvy, spunky, and elegant  frames wonderfully handmade,  edges rubbed to perfection and then glazed  in gorgeous colors. 

*color samples and pricing, provided during your ordering appointment