I want to capture those precious little fleeting moments...

At Erika Hopkins Photography, we truly believe there is not a moment more magical than when one becomes a parent. It is an honor to be a part of capturing this amazing process, and documenting one of the most special times in life. Newborns are incredible creatures. They teach us so much about human nature, the essence of life, and living in the present. Our job in photographing these wonderful little people goes far beyond just snapping a few shots of your new family member; we aim to capture a unique moment in time and the emotions along with it. The photos from your session will become a family treasure to be enjoyed again and again.

Erika Hopkins photography is no ordinary studio. With 9 years of experience under our belts, including attendance at workshops and classes on a regular basis, we create original works of art in a heartfelt and professional manner. Our portraits are widely known for their striking use of natural light. We are excited and privileged to share a moment in your family's new journey.

About Erika

I always wanted a nickname growing up and never really had one, but looking back it could have been little miss paparazzi! From snapping 100s of shots on the Christmas morning I received my first camera, to chasing all my fellow ski school friends to make sure I had a “portrait” of each one of them. What can I say; photography has always been my calling.    

From my very first job, one thing was for sure; I had two loves: photography & children! Greeting the guest at Sea World, with my camera in hand, ready to capture “their official Sea World Photo with Shamu”! Capturing between 300-500 photographs of children with the loveable character was a truly magical experience, as their faces would light up with delight.  

Working outdoors with Shamu, to starting my own Senior Portrait Business while in High School to 2 years of out of state studio portraiture…photography has been life from the start. From the beginning it was about creating beautiful portraits, portraits that sparkled with beautiful rich colors and soft airy lighting.  


 However my vision behind the camera and the philosophy of our customer service, took a dramatic change earlier this year, when we welcomed our first child into the world. 

Love is an amazing thing, something you can’t really describe, and something so amazing it hurts.  The vision I hope to capture for your family is one where love just pours off your portraits. I want to capture those precious little fleeting moments from those tiny little gummy grins to big hugs and laughs with mom and dad. Of course, we will still capture beautiful rich colors and soft airy light, but it’s more than that, it’s about having fun and letting me capture pure unguarded LOVE.  

Give us a ring, send an e-mail, let’s get in contact. Getting to know your family means the world to me, and I look forward to having you a part of our family.  

Specializing in Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children and Family Photography in Orlando, FL, Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC.    


From my very first job, one thing was for sure; I had two loves: photography & children!