Proudly providing Newborn and Family Portrait Sessions within your home or the location of your choice; for the last 8 years.

Erika Hopkins Photography is the Exclusive Boutique Style Portrait Studio for Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. We want to become your personal portrait concierge. From selecting the "looks", finding the perfect location to designing custom art galleries, in your home.



Happy to share due to client demand; all of our packages now include digital portraits. We want you to be able to show the world your amazing family, and what better way then to be able to share your portraits in digital formant.


Okay Mom, do you ever feel like the best pictures of your kiddos are when you are standing behind the photographer, making goofy faces? Depending on the ages of your kiddos, we will provide a second set of hands and goofy faces. This way you can hop in the portraits with the family and we can create the portraits you have always dreamed of!


We will previously culled through your portraits and selected the top notch, art display quality portraits (up to 65). These portraits will be fully edited and color corrected, we only want to present the best! Since there will be less time spent saying "yes, no" to your portraits, there will be more time to focus on selecting your personalized products. We understand viewing portrait products on your computer does not justify the beauty of many of these boutique items! Select boutique items will be presented during your appointment. We will also present custom art displays, with your top ten selected portraits. This display will be presented within the decor of your home, so you can truly envision how the finished product will look.

We can even meet you at a local clothing boutique, to help make suggestions; for your overall style.

Client Consultation Appointments

We provide client consultation appointments, prior to your session. We will discuss your overall style, as well as clothing suggestions; the sky is the limit. Purchasing new outfits for your session are not a must, but many clients like to go shopping for the perfect "look". We can have your consultation appointment over coffee at our new studio, or even meet you at a local clothing boutique to help make suggestions, for your overall style.

Portrait Delivery

There will be several exciting changes being made to our portrait delivery policy, however many of these are fun, exciting, surprises! So you will just have to wait and see...

Referral Program

We just love our clients, and we love it even more when you love us enough, to tell someone! We think it's time to say thank you for sharing your experience. Upon delivery of your portraits, you will receive more details to our new referral reward program.  

New 2015: We now offer some truly magical boutique products for your portraits! Many of these are showcased in our new Product Guides, (*Please complete the contact section of the website, to receive our product guides) along with our new digital collections, wall display collections and newborn/maternity collections.

What is Custom Boutique Photography?

What custom photography ultimately it is all about choice and experience. Custom photography is about finding someone who will photograph your family, give you devoted 1:1 attention without worry of who is next ‘in line’ or the feeling of a crowded portrait studio.

  • A custom photographer will typically show you a fairly extensive gallery culled to only show the good images that meet the photographers’ creative sensibilities.
  • Often the images are fully edited images-color corrected with blemishes and undereye circles removed.
  • Custom photographers, offering a range of products and unparalleled service. Think Lexus vs. Hyundai, think Nordstrom vs. WalMart.

Why choose a boutique style studio?

Custom photography is more of a luxury than your entry level cookie cutter chain experience.  Custom photography truly is not for everyone, it requires a level of commitment, investment in time  and money, forethought and planning on the part of the subject/client and requires a larger time commitment for the us as well.

*The questions provided above, are excerpt from a terrific site, The Consumer Guide for Custom Photography

about erika

I always wanted a nickname growing up and never really had one, but looking back it could have been little miss paparazzi! From snapping 100s of shots on the Christmas morning I received my first camera, to chasing all my fellow ski school friends to make sure I had a “portrait” of each one of them. What can I say; photography has always been my calling.    

From my very first job, one thing was for sure; I had two loves: photography & children! Greeting the guest at Sea World, with my camera in hand, ready to capture “their official Sea World Photo with Shamu”! Capturing between 300-500 photographs of children with the loveable character was a truly magical experience, as their faces would light up with delight.  

From my very first job, one thing was for sure; I had two loves: photography & children!

Working outdoors with Shamu, to starting my own Senior Portrait Business while in High School to 2 years of out of state studio portraiture…photography has been life from the start. From the beginning it was about creating beautiful portraits, portraits that sparkled with beautiful rich colors and soft airy lighting.  

However my vision behind the camera and the philosophy of our customer service, took a dramatic change earlier this year, when we welcomed our first child into the world. 

Love is an amazing thing, something you can’t really describe, and something so amazing it hurts.  The vision I hope to capture for your family is one where love just pours off your portraits. I want to capture those precious little fleeting moments from those tiny little gummy grins to big hugs and laughs with mom and dad. Of course, we will still capture beautiful rich colors and soft airy light, but it’s more than that, it’s about having fun and letting me capture pure unguarded LOVE.  

Give us a ring, send an e-mail, let’s get in contact. Getting to know your family means the world to me, and I look forward to having you a part of our family.  

Specializing in Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children and Family Photography in Orlando, FL, Charleston, SC 

Children and Families are our passion & we are super excited for the opportunity to meet your family!

We truly believe there is not a moment more magical than when one becomes a parent.

We understand your time is precious, thank you for taking the time to read over this information. If you believe we are a great fit for your family, we would love to schedule your complimentary consultation appointment. At which point, we can discuss details, clothing, portrait ideas and answer any questions you may have.