If this is your family's first time working with a professional photographer, it can be difficult to know what to expect. What should I bring? Will there be enough time to get the perfect picture? Will my child feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? We completely understand these feelings of concern; you are not alone! We are here to work for and with you to make your session as stress-free as possible. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

Our method of working is simple: we tailor our photography to you and your family. Each session is a unique experience, built from the ground up just for you. In our initial consultation, we'll discuss things like the family schedule, favorite locations, and attention spans to make your photo day a smashing success. This is your day to relax and enjoy your family; we'll do the rest! 


Planning in advance is the key to success! If your family or child has a daily routine, it's best to schedule the portrait session in a way that works with, not against, this routine. If your child has a certain naptime, we'll plan the shoot to be either before or after she wakes up to prevent tantrums and fatigue. If your baby generally sleeps during the afternoon, a morning session may be best. We are here to make your session a success, and will work with you individually to find a time and place that fits the family!

Taking it Slow

Children are unpredictable - a characteristic that makes them so lovable - but also difficult to plan around. It's something we completely understand! For this reason, we always carve out a large chunk of time to make sure your session isn't rushed. If baby needs to be changed or fed, take your time. If a toddler is getting tired or frustrated, we can take a snack break to relax and regroup. If you and your family are feeling uncomfortable or exhausted, we can pause for a drink of water and a rest in the shade. This is your portrait session and we'll work at the pace of you and your family! There's no need to rush - just relax and enjoy the experience with us.

Safety is First

When working with babies and children, safety is our first priority. When we photograph babies and newborns, we ask that mom and dad stay at arm's length to make sure baby's kept safe and sound under all circumstances. When planning an outdoor, on-location shoot with kids, we make sure the site is  safe and suitable for children ahead of time. If there's any question as to whether or not a location, pose, or prop is safe for your family, we always err on the side of caution. And if mom or dad feel uncomfortable with the situation, we're happy to find alternatives to make sure everyone is kept out of harm's way.

Keep it Positive

It can be difficult to get kids to cooperate in the best of circumstances, and many times they may feel uncomfortable with a photographer they don't know well in an unfamiliar place. We work hard to get those perfect poses, but never with negative reinforcement or discipline. We use only positive, confidence-boosting methods to gain your child's trust and cooperation during the photoshoot, and ask parents that they do the same. We find that the best photographic results come from using the carrot rather than the stick!



We truly believe there is not a moment more magical than when one becomes a parent.

Children and Families are our passion & we are super excited for the opportunity to meet your family!

We understand your time is precious, thank you for taking the time to read over this information. If you believe we are a great fit for your family, we would love to schedule your complimentary consultation appointment. At which point, we can discuss details, clothing, portrait ideas and answer any questions you may have.