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Beautiful Blooming Baby + Elegant Wedding Dress, Creates Pure Magic {Orlando Studio Maternity Photographer}

You ever had one of those mornings during your pregnancy where you wake up, look in the mirror and think you've gained 5lbs? Or that favorite dress you planned to wear, just won't quite fit over your belly? Aren't these the moments you are so excited for and disappointed in, all in one thought? You are one day closer to meeting your little bundle of joy, but one size further from your favorite outfit!

So you might be asking why am I bringing up these moments. Well as your photographer...I can't lie these are my favorite moments. Because when you call to tell me, "I think I am getting too pregnant for my maternity session" or "I have to go shopping because nothing fits anymore", I jump for joy! This means you have a beautifully radiant glow, with a gorgeous belly, ready to be photographed. It always amazes me just how beautiful pregnant mommies truly are!

And this where I begin with this lovely couple, she was excited for their maternity session but I think dad was even more amp'd! Mom was just glowing from head to toe, check out her hair: just unbelievably gorgeous! They had several props and ideas in mind for their session, including HER WEDDING DRESS! The whole time I was photographing them, all I could think about was how I was going to use it. We worked our way laughing and joking through their session, even capturing a family portrait with their first baby-just a bit more hair than normal babies ;). And then the moment had dress time! This was one of those moments, where I stopped clicking my camera and sat back for a second and realized "wow, I love my job. These are portraits that will create a lifetime of memories".

Please, take a moment to pull out an old photo album and relive the past, one timeless photograph at a time. Each day we create new timeless memories to place in our new "old photo album". It is a real honor to be a part of documenting those memories.

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About Erika

Erika is a published photographer who focuses primarily on newborn and family photography. She shoots natural light portraits across America while maintaining two central locations in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. Erika's work has been featured on television (ABC and NBC), charity billboards, national print magazines, and editorial family and wedding blogs.

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