The gem that is Horsepower Ranch | Orlando Family Photographer

Through the years I have gotten to know many of your families, here is a little peek into ours! As photographers, we tend to keep our camera tucked away and only bring it out for portrait sessions. Because let's be honest who wants to bring the "good camera" when you want to spend time with the family! With the holiday season in full swing, Friday night seemed like the perfect time to stop and enjoy the seasons and maaaybe take a few pictures. {To all the photographers reading this: I urge you...please please stop and take some time for your family!!} We planned to just stop by and pick out a few pumpkins but instead we were pleasantly surprised. 

Horsepower Ranch is a sweet property that reminds me of growing up in the north; with hay rides, a haunted forest and a small town feel. Our daughter was super excited to see the deer, chickens, goats and most importantly the horses {which is great, since I am terrified of them...shh!!}. Once she was done talking to the animals, it was time to explore the BOUNCE HOUSE. This was her first time and she had a blast; the sun went down before we could get her to come out. If you have a chance, I highly recommend taking a drive out to Geneva...great family friendly activities and beautiful scenery! They even host birthday parties, will have to keep that in mind for the future!!

Photographers: Sometimes we are so focused on the portrait being perfect we miss out on amazing storytelling opportunities. These portraits are just a few from our adventure. I am so glad I decided to look past distracting backgrounds and my daughter's skirt being on backwards and focus on capturing fun memories!! Now to get me in front of the camera :)

Happy Halloween!!

About Erika

Erika is a published photographer who focuses primarily on newborn and family photography. She shoots natural light portraits across America while maintaining two central locations in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. Erika's work has been featured on television (ABC and NBC), charity billboards, national print magazines, and editorial family and wedding blogs.

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