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So on the way home from a dear friend's newborn session last week, I started thinking about all the advice I had given her while posing her 7 day old cutie…"buy this" "oh, you need this!". Being the good friend that she is, she listened.  New mommies have a lot on their plate and listening to tips and advice while recovering from the hardest thing in their life, might not be the best time. So instead, I thought I would share with all you, so you can share with your pregnant friends or maybe for yourself (if so, congrats!)

When I was about 25 weeks pregnant my daughter decided living under my ribs was much more fun then hanging upside down. I mean, who can blame her?!?! So the wonderful ladies at Inspiration Birth Center suggested a chiropractor to get her to move out of my ribs and hopefully flip. Happy to say it worked! This was the point, I was introduced to the awesomeness that shapewear is! 

With so many different types of pregnancy shape wear on the market, it can become overwhelming…however to my surprise, the regular "under bra style" shape wear works just as well! Plus it doesn't just cover your stomach, it also covers your upper back and under arms…so you are getting even better shape, all-around. These can be picked up at your local retailer, amazon or even a T.J.Maxx type retailer. 

images courtesy of Amazon.com, Maidenform Women's Slim-waisters Wyob Top

My personal experience:

*Helped to keep her in place and to eliminate the possibility of her flipping again

*Relieved the back stress, as it helped to evenly distribute the weight from my belly

I wore this 20-23 hours a day until I was about 3 hours into labor and it was back on within 2 hours after. Once I again, it was on 20-23 hours for the next month…it was amazing how much support it gave me, PLUS I was able to wear outfits that otherwise I would have felt self-conscious in.

Not saying this will work for everyone or even for me; the next time around. But I will say, I sure felt better and feeling better is sometimes all you need!

Share with us!

What was the 1 item you wished you had, while delivering your baby.

1 lucky commenter will win a great shapewear in the color of your choice!

*Please consult your doctor prior to using any shapewear. This is intended as light-hearted advice from one mom to another mom and not medical advice.

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