A Letter of Love {Orlando Newborn Photographer}

Dear Willow,

Happy 1 month Birthday! It's hard to believe I have been blessed to wake up every day to see your sweet little face. Mommy loves you so much. While you were sleeping peacefully in my belly, I thought I knew you, I thought I knew how much I loved you. I was already worried about you before I saw your beautiful face, if I hadn’t felt your big little feet in awhile, you would calm my fears with you adorably strong kicks.  I had no idea how much I would love you and how much you would change me and my heart.

Mommy won’t lie, I was terrified to be your mommy. Many have told me that I would be a great mommy one day and were surprised you were going to be my first with the love and compassion I had for other peoples’ little babies. I was downright terrified, terrified I wouldn’t know how to take care of you or comfort you or be the rock that you needed as you adjusted to the outside world.

On the evening of March 2nd, I was relaxing after a morning of trying to convince you to join us in the world, when…Bam! You were ready. Together we worked in perfect unison through the labor process, within 8 hours you were taking your first swim in the world. Welcoming you into the world via Water Birth only made sense with your mommy’s love of water and all the swimming you did inside.  As you lay on my chest, it was all so unbelievable; it was hard to believe you were my daughter. I have had the pleasure of holding so many babies over the years, I was having a hard time believing your mommy and daddy had created you.  I would honestly have to remind myself at least once a day that I was given the miracle of being your mommy, even now at 5 weeks I am eternally grateful.

As the days and nights came and went, I started to get to know you better, got to know your temper cries of hunger and your whimpers to be held.  No worries, mommy will hold you when you are sad, mommy will hold you when you are sleepy, mommy will hold you when you have a booboo, mommy will hold you as long as you would like.

My wish for you, is to feel loved always, to feel secure, safe and happy in my arms. I am so blessed to be taking on this journey of motherhood with you.

My love for you grows stronger and stronger with each passing day. May god bless you from the tip of your nose, to the tips of your toes.

Mommy loves you always and forever.



About Erika

Erika is a published photographer who focuses primarily on newborn and family photography. She shoots natural light portraits across America while maintaining two central locations in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. Erika's work has been featured on television (ABC and NBC), charity billboards, national print magazines, and editorial family and wedding blogs.

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