Well hello 2012! Exciting things happening here at Erika Hopkins Photography {Orlando & Charleston Newborn Photographer}

Well Happy New Year, better late than never I suppose. We all make resolutions to have a better year but let us be honest we normally brake then rather quickly. Which is what leads me to a different philosophy on the resolution thing, we can make resolutions any day of the year. It is that moment when you wake up and say "Hey! I want to improve and I WILL do it, today!" So in front of the millions of internet users I stand up to say I will improve...on my blogging! Sorry if you were hoping for some big exciting resolution, but it is something I really want to improve upon. So you are my witness that in 2012 you will learn much much more about myself (Erika, photographer) and will see many more session sneak peaks!

Okay on to more exciting topics: New Location, Scheduling and the 2012 Cute Kidz Contest.

New Location: Happy to announce we are making a more substantial appearance in Charleston, SC. Many have asked "why Charleston" and my response is always "I love the city so much and want any excuse to be there". Still working out the logistics on how many times a year and how many sessions will be held there but super excited. Currently working on several opportunities, you should hopefully see EHP Portraits in select Charleston businesses by this Summer!

Charleston Contact information

Address: 164 Market Street, STE #314

Charleston, SC 29401

Phone: (843)-608-9543

E-MAIL: info@erikahopkinsphotography.com

Scheduling: With the addition of a more prominent second location, scheduling will be a bit different for 2012. Each month there will be a limited number of sessions and dates available to schedule your session. As always, there will be 1 "standby" appointment always open for a surprise newborn session and/or last minute maternity session. There is a tendency to book several months out, however a few weeks before the month an announcement will go out if there are any new openings. Many have asked about Mini-Sessions, it looks like there will be 1 spring mini-session date in Orlando and 2 Mini Session Dates in Charleston (spring and summer). Make sure to join our newsletter on the right side of this page, to ensure you receive mini session details as soon as they are released!

January Scheduling

1 opening this Saturday, January 28th

February Scheduling 

Spending alot of time out of CFL, so the schedule is very limited

1st, 9-15th & 27th-29th will be the only days available for sessions, personal outfit shopping/consultations and viewing appointments

March Scheduling

Will be spitting this month between CFL and Charleston, dates to follow

2012 Cute Kidz Contest:   

The Cute Kidz Contest has morphed into something much bigger than I could have dreamed of. As always, there are huge ideas flowing through my head for the 2012 edition so for that reason the contest will be held this summer! I don't want to ruin the surprise so for now I will say the contest will be held in BOTH Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC and will include several large vendors. Many of you have asked for a modeling agency to be a part of the selection process, and that is something that is currently being worked on. I don't know about you, but I am super fired up for this and can't wait to make the large sponsorship announcements, later this year!

Get to Know your Photographer: As a part of my "resolution" I decided it is time for you to get to know your photographer a bit better! So here is a recent picture from our trip to Charleston before Christmas.  

This picture means more to me than any Christmas gift I received! Let's just say he doesn't like his picture taken and this is our first picture together in two years. It warms my heart to see us as happy as we were when we started dating 6.5 years ago. Considered photoshopping out the "Merry Christmas", so it can go on the wall all year.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and look forward to many more post this year!


About Erika

Erika is a published photographer who focuses primarily on newborn and family photography. She shoots natural light portraits across America while maintaining two central locations in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. Erika's work has been featured on television (ABC and NBC), charity billboards, national print magazines, and editorial family and wedding blogs.

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